Digital outdoors

Urban Digital

Urban Digital is an efficient DOOH channel, which hits over 35% of
the Danish consumers per week. With +54 screens located at nodes throughout the country, advertisers are guaranteed an effective campaign in the country's largest cities. 

Urban Digital Megaboards

With a campaign on the Megaboards, the advertiser is guaranteed digital impact and positioning in some of the country's most attractive and busy locations in Copenhagen, Odense, Randers and Aalborg. Video with motion can be played on most screens. 

Studio Digital

Focus your communication directly at the young people aged 16-28, where they spend a lot of their time - at their place of education! Our digital screens ensure an effective and visible campaign in the schools' most common areas, including entrances, canteens and lounge areas. The students are positive towards the media in schools and feel that they provide them with useful information. 

Fitness Digital

With a campaign on our digital screens in PureGym (formerly Fitness World), the advertiser is guaranteed an effective campaign that hits +500,000 weekly visitors. The screens are primarily located in the centers' circulation areas, where there is time to absorb the message. 

Retail Digital

With a digital campaign in the retail business, you hit the target group directly at the moment of purchase in an otherwise closed environment. With over 200 supermarkets with +500 screens, you will hit 75 million annually visitors. There is an average of less than 1 second of attention to each product in a supermarket and 80% of all food purchases are impulse purchases - therefore the Retail Digital network provides a unique opportunity for exposure. 28% says that advertising in the supermarket reminds them to look for or buy a product. Source: OCS analysis 2014

Molslinjen Digital

Molslinjen Digital is a network of digital screens on Molslinjen's 4 ferries that sail between Sjællands Odde - Aarhus/Ebeltoft. The screens are located in all seating areas, in the restaurant and in the Business Blue Class section. 

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