Denmark's largest network of digital outdoor screens
  • 47 screens across the country, at traffic junctions.
  • Ability to differentiate messages by time of day / weather / geography

Digital outdoors

Denmark's largest digital
network in traffic


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+54 digital screens on
hubs throughout the country

Technical specifications

Format Urban Digital: 
768×384 px. 

URBAN Digital is an effective DOOH channel, which hits over 35% of
the Danish consumers per week. The screens provide a positive distraction,
when consumers are out and about, while in a mindset where they
are receptive to visual messages. Our digital screens
ensures good and eye-catching content - either as still or spot with simple movement. 

We also have the option of showing different messages according to time of
the day/weather/geography. The screens in the network are located at traffic nodes in major cities throughout the country.


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