Impact & Guerilla marketing

Impact Scaffolding Banner

With banners on scaffolding, we ensure great impact in the streetscape and brand positioning. We regularly get contracts for scaffolding, where we get the opportunity to set up large banners at the most attractive addresses in the country, for example Rådhuspladsen, Kgs. Nytorv and Strøget. 
Feel free to contact us to find out which placements we currently offer. 

Impact Gable banner

With banners on gables, we can ensure great visibility for the advertiser in the streetscape. We have gables for banners in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, just as we also offer banners on two green gables in Frederiksberg. Here, the advertiser has the opportunity to communicate green and environmentally friendly messages on the banner surrounded by green plating. 

Guerilla marketing

With Guerilla marketing, the city is used as a media platform. Different and creative campaigns are developed, which create great awareness and memory among the population. 
Creativity is everything and here at citrusmedia we are ready to be a part of the process from thought to action, to ensure the best possible campaign for your specific brand. 

Guerilla Brand activation

With Brand activation, we create campaigns that involve the target group and build a bridge between brand and consumer. It can be anything from simple sampling campaigns to larger events. All together to create trial, dialogue and an experience for the consumer. 

Guerilla Cycling Media

With our bicycle elements, the advertiser can create both visibility in the streets and a happy recipient. We experience great interest from the recipients when we put covers on the bikes. We produce both covers for baskets and saddles, as well as postcards with vouchers or tactical messages in combination with covers. We produce all our covers in water-repellent recycled polyester. 

Guerilla Wild posting

With wild posting, we can set up posters where the advertiser's target group moves. We can set up on notice boards and lounges at the country's educational institutions or out in the city, on cultural pillars and construction fences in Copenhagen and Aarhus. We print our posters in recycled paper and hang them up primarily via consultants by bike. 

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