Challenge Randers Municipality is a Cycling City, which does a lot for the cyclists in their municipality. Randers Municipality wanted to get citizens to choose modes of transport that are healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly.   

In the winter period, bicycle lights are especially important, as they create the necessary visibility of the cyclist, but many use weak lights or none at all. Randers Municipality would therefore, with a different approach, create awareness about the importance of using bicycle lights.

Solution Randers Municipality chose citrus media to be responsible for the creative presentation and to carry out the campaign. The solution consisted of several sub-elements, which had a clear connection in the design. With the installation of bicycle saddle covers in the municipality, it was ensured that the message got out to a large part of the cyclists. In accordance with the direct communication to the cyclists, posters were put up at busy intersections, and these posters were equipped with lights on the bicycle's lights. On the well-known cycle symbols on the cycle paths, fun and luminous lights were added, which plant the idea in the citizen to follow his own good intentions. The campaign is based on nudging with the aim of changing user behavior with a positive message to remind cyclists that they must have lights on their bikes. 


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