URBAN Digital

Outdoor advertising

Denmark's largest network of digital outdoor screens

URBAN Digital is an effective DOOH channel, which reach 35% of Danish consumers per week. The screens provide a positive distraction when consumers are out and about, while in a mindset where they are receptive to visual messages. Our digital displays ensure good and eye-catching content – either as display or dynamic ads. The 47 screens in the network are located at traffic hubs in major cities across Denmark.Each advertiser gets 16.6% Share of Voice on the digital screens and 10% on Megaboards.


Our network of 47 screens incl. our digital Megaboards on Town Hall Square and Highway cost DKK 119,800 per week. Posting: DKK 1,900.


The network includes 47 screens at traffic hubs across Denmark

Tekniske specifikationer

Format: 768 × 384 pixels (72 dpi) “wide format” Colors: RGB (8 bit) File format: JPEG