Outdoor advertising

The unique event activates the customer's senses and experience of the brand

Brand Activation is an obvious marketing strategy for those who would like to raise awareness about your brand or raise awareness of a specific concept. Brand Activation is comparable to event marketing, but it may as well be sampling marketing and other marketing efforts that speak to the customer’s senses and overall experience of your brand.

Brand Activation is not just about notifying the customer that your brand exists. Brand Activation is just as much about getting the customer to interact with your brand. This way, with Brand Activation you are already taking a big step further in the customer journey, because you get activated more of the customer’s senses than just the sense of sight, which is why more people will remember you for what you stand for.


Depends on the scope and content. Offers are welcome to send after we have received your wishes.


Performed throughout the country.

Tekniske specifikationer

All events and samples should be planned well in advance to create the optimum conditions. All terms and conditions agreed.