Outdoor advertising

Media on bikes can be a powerful and effective way to communicate to you audience

With our media on bikes, the advertiser is given the opportunity to communicate targeted to unique audiences, or in specific areas. The media ensures 1: 1 communication with the recipient, value for the recipien great t, attention in the street image and the ambassador effect as cyclists drive around the city.

We offer bicycle basket- and saddle covers, which are produced in 1 + 1 or 4 + 4 colors of the same quality, which can be purchased from the bicycle dealer. Both create great value for the recipient and have high utility value. In addition, we have bike postcards, which work really well for tactical messages, as well as discount codes and vouchers, with or without other media on the bike.


The price depends on the number of pieces, colors and how long production time we have available.
Contact us for a quote.


Samples according to location plan. Usually in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Esbjerg and Aalborg. Sampling outside these cities is done at a surcharge.

Tekniske specifikationer

Delivery of material is usually 9 weeks before campaign start. The document must be delivered as a high-resolution PDF file. All images must be in CMYK and minimum 300 dpi. For further information, please contact us on telephone +45 38 88 25 11