Digital channel targeted the active - where they work out

TV spot on the centrally located screens in the fitness centers. The media allows the advertiser to display advertising spots on the screens. The ad block appears 4 times per hour. By default, the ads are 20s. and appears twice an hour.

Within a month, your spot will be shown approx. 840 times during business hours or 420 times in 2 weeks. The media ensures great visibility and time for immersion. Fitness1 has 14 centers and many new ones on the way and 200,000 visitors per day. month.


Media view can be purchased for DKK 12,800 per per week excluding VAT for the entire network (per 20 sec spot).
The setup is always DKK 2400, - per. new movie being uploaded.


Fitness1 has 14 centers across the country - and many more on the way.

Tekniske specifikationer

TV format: File is sent to Pernille Due Otto at: and must be in MPEG4 format or other standard formats. Standard length of movie is 20 sec. per. spot. Views are 2 times per hour 24 hours a day.