STUDIE Digital


Great visibility and impact with dynamic messages

Beautifully designed digital displays with the possibility of dynamic messages. Spot with motion without sound. Large digital screens placed on the wall of high school, higher education and business schools throughout the country. Spots run in loop, with max. 5 commercial messages per minute. Advertiser is shown 10 seconds per minute.


The entire network per week: DKK: 104,790 Spot upload: DKK: 1,900
Local pr. location per. week: DKK 3,600 Spot upload: DKK 1,900


Digital campaign can be purchased at Business Schools, Colleges, Technical Schools and Higher Education Institutions. Both individually and nationwide can be purchased. We have 130 screens across the country.

Tekniske specifikationer

Format: MOV, MP4, WMV Size: 55” Resolution: 1080 x 1920 px, full screen without black frames File size: Max. 30 MB Rotation: Portrait Encoding: H264 Frame rate: 25 fps Bitrate: 10-20 mbps Audio: No audio (audio) Spot length: 10 seconds