Challenge: SAKTit wanted to advertise their WOOFit Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation, which are well suited to the active target group. The headphones are good for use in the gym, among other things. 

Solution: in collaboration with citrus media, it was decided to reach the active target group with the Fitness World membership package, which consists of newsletters for Fitness World members, banner on their website, Fitness TV, post on Facebook, offers on the check-in screens. In addition, cardboard figures were set up that members could take a picture of and use a # to participate in a competition. In addition, a demo event was also held in selected centres, where members could try out the headphones while they were training and subsequently buy them with a member's discount. The campaign ran throughout January 2018. Fitness World is Denmark's largest fitness chain with around 440,000 active members. Over 75 % of the members are aged 20-49. 

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